Charlie Hunnam is Dang Hot in ‘Pacific Rim,’ So Here’s a Gratuitous Look at His Sexiest Roles

Credit: Warner Bros./Legendary

Pacific Rim hits theaters Friday, and its imminent release has reminded us just how attractive Charlie Hunnam is. He’s known for playing some aggressive characters, but he’s also gone gay and played a guy whose life was ruined by a viral video. He even took on the work of Charles Dickens, so don’t let anyone tell you this guy’s a one trick pony.

But sometimes, you’ve just got to glorify a human for his physical appearance. Acting shmacting, Hunnam is hot. So for your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered some of his hottest roles all in one convenient place. After all, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on some of Hunnam’s hidden gems. So take a look. Try not to get lost in his eyes — or his abs.

GALLERY: Charlie Hunnam’s Hottest Roles

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