Charlie Day Really, Really Wants Monster Brains in New ‘Pacific Rim’ Clips

Perhaps it was his being denied the designated role of the gang’s “brains” in his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia social circle that has led to Charlie Day being so obsessed with said organ in his new project, Pacific Rim. (Although, he did seem pretty pleased with his “wild card” title, so who knows?) In any event, Day’s unlikely casting as a government scientist lands him on the prowl for some monstrous head meat in an effort to bring down the destructive kaiju race.

Credit: Warner Bros.

As we can see in these clips from Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming science-fiction adventure, everyone is scrambling together with their various skills and resources to defend Planet Earth against the kaiju. Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi use their martial artistry, Idris Elba his general badass authority, and Charlie Day his stammering genius. We love each of the stars, and are pumped about the prospect of monsters and robots duking it out in such a large scale, but Day is the real pull here. Check out the clips and catch the film in theaters on July 12.

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