Which Is the Most Intimidating Part of ‘Pacific Rim’: the Robots, the Monsters, or Idris Elba?

Credit: Warner Bros.

Sure, the very idea of monsters invading the planet is a scary notion. And the monsters themselves? A terrifying sort, equipped with behemoth claws, razor-sharp fangs, and toxic waste running through their veins. So, as this is the fate that befalls the human race in Pacific Rim, we’re going to need something equally chilling to fight back: massive killer robots, of course!

But will that do the trick? Powerful though they may be, are the cyborg weapons truly inspiring of the right degree of fearful tremors? Perhaps not, but that doesn’t mean humanity is at a loss. For we have one thing at our disposal that no otherworldly creature can combat in intimidation: Idris Elba. Whether you know him as Stringer Bell, as Luther, or as that jackass interim manager on that middle season of The Office, Idris Elba musters up quite a quaver in the below TV spot for Pacific Rim. Check it out:

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