‘Pandas’ Trailer Is An Overload of Cuteness


I’m sure we all wish we could hang out with baby Pandas. They’re adorable, fluffy, and do cute things. Unfortunately, we don’t exactly happen to have them in our backyard, besides the fact that in the wild we’d have to deal with Mama Panda.

Well Warner Bros and IMAX have decided to change that. In their film ‘Pandas’, Documentarians take you into the Chengdu Panda Base in China which protects the species by breeding Giant Pandas to make cubs to introduce into the wild. These little future giants are cute as hell as they drink milk and play with each other and try to find out how to be a panda before they are introduced into the wild they’ve never been before.

Sometimes it’s nice to go see a movie about animals being cute and the necessity to protect them before it’s too late.


Pandas‘ releases April 8, 2018.