Paramount Follows ‘Rango’ with Entire Animation Division

RangoI could never not be on board with more cartoons. Paramount Studios, following the glory of Rango, is launching its own animation division. Rango was the debut feature from special effect staple Industrial Light & Magic, while Paramount’s previous animated films were all developed by Dreamworks. But the companies’ partnership seems to be coming to an end with the studio intending to launch a new in-house animation division and its first film in 2014.

The project is called New Kid, and is an adaptation of Jerry Holkins’ and Mike Krahulik’s online comic on Penny Arcade. The script is being written by The Book of Eli’s Gary Whitta.

What with the unstoppable giant Pixar, the animated film industry of recent years has swelled with ambition and competition. As Warner Bros. and Fox have contributed animated hits to the game over the past few years, the big name of Paramount, after the trail run of Rango, is finally taking an independent swing with this new division.

Producing New Kid are Mary Parent and Cale Boyter through Disruption Entertainment.

Source: The Wrap, Hollywood Reporter