Paramount Has Big Plans for ‘The Big Wedding’

Robert DeNiroWe’ve seen Greek weddings, Polish weddings, American weddings, best friends’ weddings, wedding planners, wedding crashers, wedding singers, four weddings and a funeral… but a wedding as big as The Big Wedding has yet to walk down the aisle. The aisle of glory. Paramount Studios has announced a wedding so big that you yourself would have to become physically larger in order to appropriately comprehend the film. It’s a wedding for giants: proverbial giants, like Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton, but also actual mythological creatures of behemoth anatomical proportions. Well, perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on my part (I almost always hope that Giants will turn out to be revealed in a twist ending when I am watching romantic comedies). Nevertheless, De Niro and Keaton are not the only titans of cinema involved in this film. Also included: the indelible Susan Sarandon. The electric fjord that is Robin Williams. Plus, Katherine Heigl, Topher Grace, Amanda Seyfried, and, speaking of mythological creatures, Ben Barnes.

The real question is: how much bigger could a wedding get? Fueled by this madhouse of célébrité, you can bet that this matrimonium will be at least one-and-a-half times the size of the Royal Wedding. Writing ad directing is Justin Zackham, who is responsible for, if nothing else, inserting the phrase “bucket list” into the public lexicon (so far on mine, I’ve checked off “Get stuck in an elevator” and “Get stranded in a foreign country”).

This is shaping up to to be the social event of the season, so I won’t be surprised if a slew of acting talent begins clamoring for roles as crazy uncles. A wedding this big cannot go unattended.

Source: Comingsoon