Paramount Picks Up Stalker Flick From Anna Faris

Anna FarisI would imagine being stalked is a terrible thing. I wouldn’t know because apparently I’m not good enough to be stalked. (Narcissistic much?) Anyway, I’m just saying that maybe, under the right circumstance, perhaps, it could conceivably, quite possibly (and there could be worse things), be okay if Anna Faris stalked you.

At least, Paramount is hoping you wont mind because they just bought a pitch from Faris that finds her with the stalker from hell. You would know about this pitch if you read Faris’ profile in the New Yorker a few weeks ago (oh, you better believe I’m name-dropping that magazine. I’m so classy, I’m typing this with my pinky extended) that said she originally wanted to play the part of the stalker but eventually agreed to be stalked. Major sad face on that note. Faris is a true comedic actress and could totally pull off the crazy stalker. Did no one see Just Friends (obvious answer: no)? She was absolutely bat-shit insane and hilarious. Why don’t they just let her play both parts? If they can do the whole face swapping thing for The Social Network they can let Faris play two parts. It’s only fair.

Source: Hollywood Reporter