Paramount Scoops Up Fashion Flick From ‘Step Up 3D’ Writers

step up 3dNow that Ugly Betty is out of our lives, Paramount is seizing the opportunity to fill the poncho-rific four-eyed void with another movie about fashion. I guess it’s about time, it’s been a while since the last adorable-girl-living-in-a-cut-throat-fashion-world flick came out. Rather unoriginal, the film will follow a Cinderella-type character as she enters the fashion world. Yep, sounds like Ugly Betty with a touch of The Devil Wears Prada. Oh, and there will potentially be some dancing involved. That’s girl-bait if I ever saw it. The film is still in its infancy, but I’d advise boyfriends everywhere to start dreaming up fake illnesses now to get out of going to see this when it finally hits theaters.

Director/Producer/Choreographer extraordinaire, Adam Shankman, will re-team with his Hairspray producer to bring the film to fruition, so perhaps the stale story will at least get a bit of a fresh spin (or maybe even a twirl). The part of this whole untitled project’s puzzle that bothers me is the writing duo behind it all. Step Up 3D scribes Emily Meyer andAmy Andelson are the ones setting the dance steps in motion here, and if you ask me, the Step Up series isn’t exactly the pinnacle of great, or eventolerable, cinematic dialog.

Source: Variety

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