‘Paranormal Activity’ Swaps Ghosts for Fantasmas in Latino Spin-Off

Paranormal ActivityThe one logistic flaw in the Paranormal Activity films is that they’re specific to a Caucasian audience’s experience with found footage hauntings. What about the other ethnicities bombarded with frequent ghost-invasions? Where is their movie?

Here is their movie: Paranormal Activity director/series producer Oren Peli, series producer Jason Blum, and PA2 and PA3 writer Christopher Landon are teaming up to break the glass ceiling for the spirit-sensitive Latin-American community. The team is creating a new Paranormal Activity film with a Latino cast, based around ghost mythology rooted in Catholicism. The film will be in English (one step at a time, people).

This is not the first effort to extend the joys of thinking you might have seen a dead person in your bedroom mirror to different ethnicities. 2010 saw the release of a Japanese installment titled Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Drift Night

In addition to all this, a fourth film by P3 directors Henry Joost and Airel Schulman is coming to theaters October 19, starring white people.


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