Passengers (Columbia Pictures) | 2015

Drama, Romance
A spaceship passenger is prematurely thawed from a cryogenic slumber a century before anyone else.


... Jim Preston


... Aurora



Production Company

Production Company



On a spaceship bringing 5000 cryogenically preserved passengers to a new planet, a technical glitch awakens Jim Preston 90 years too early. Unable to return to hibernetion, Jim is doomed to live a long, lonely existence on the giant ship. He finds solace in his sleeping passengers, where he discovers Aurora, a beautiful author whose books he locates and reads in the ship's library. Jim falls in love with the sleeping beauty, and ultimately wakes her up for companionship, unfortunately dooming her, like himself, to spend the rest of her life stranded on the ship. He leads her to believe that her awakening was a result of the same glitch that roused him, and for a stretch his dreams come true: love blossoms, and Jim and Aurora fall into a passionate affair. The good times end when Arthur, the ship's robo-barkeep, reveals that Jim woke her up deliberately. This causes a painful rift between the lovers, but in the midst of their relationship struggles, an even greater crisis surfaces. The malfunction that woke Jim was a symptom of a larger problem: something is very wrong with the ship. Confronted with the possible loss of every person on board, Jim and Aurora must mend their relationship and work together to save the ship and everybody on it.