Paul Greengrass’ Next Film: Pirates? Race Cars? Something Else?

Paul GreengrassA couple months ago, Paul Greengrass‘ MLK Jr. biopic Memphis was canned by Universal and, well, I think we can all agree that was pretty lame; but, as they say, when your controversial film depicting MLK as a booze-chugging, chain-smoking man in decay gets canceled, keep your head up because, hey, there are always movies to be made about pirates and race cars!

According to Vulture, Greengrass is considering three films. The first is called Maersk Alabama, but you may recognize it as A Captain’s Duty, which is that Tom Hanks-starring film-adaptation about the Navy SEALs’ rescue of merchant-vessel captain Richard Phillips after he was captured by Somali pirates. Sony wants to start production on the film this coming fall, once Hanks becomes available.

Instead, though, Greengrass may choose another film — one with fewer guns, but just as much male testosterone — called Rush, a Formula One drama penned by Peter Morgan about three-time Formula One champion Niki Lauda’s near-fatal 1976 racing season. During the German Grand Prix, Lauda crashed, nearly burned to death, lost his right ear and ended up in a coma. Four weeks later, he emerged back onto the scene, finished fourth at the Italian Grand Prix and would go on to win the 1976 World Driver’s Champiship title. Like a boss.

Regarding that third project though, no one has any clue what it is or what it’s about, and since apparently there’s no type of movie that Greengrass won’t consider, we’ll just go ahead and assume that it’s a film about pirates who strictly drive Formula One cars and nothing else. Take that, NASCAR!

Source: Vulture