Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’ Kaput?


Writer/director/genius Paul Thomas Anderson planned to start shooting his next film The Master last month. Unfortunately that start date fell through and now there’s even worse news: the film might not happen at all.

Jeremy Renner, who was set to co-star along with Philip Seymor Hoffman, admitted to Total Film that the project was postponed indefinitely.

“[Production] stalled because we were rehearsing — [Hoffman], Paul, and myself — we kept coming against a wall that we couldn’t overcome,” he said. “Or at least Paul couldn’t overcome.”

The Master was to tell the story of a religious cult that formed and gained a following in the ’50s, called “The Cause.” Hoffman was set to play the group’s leader with Renner as the faithful apprentice/servant. Reese Witherspoon had also signed on to play Hoffman’s character’s wife.

If these rumors are indeed true and The Master does die, today is a very sad day. Early rumors about the script say that it was actually telling the story about Scientology. Imagine that: a complex religious film with PTA’s steady hand directing. Definitely sounds like a winner to me. Hopefully all of these rumors are just that — rumors.

Source: Screen Rant