Paul Verhoeven To Direct Sexy Supernatural Thriller ‘Eternal’

Paul VerhoevenApparently Paul Verhoeven made every movie that I wasn’t allowed to see as a kid. Parents wouldn’t let me see Robocop. Too violent they’d say. I coudn’t see Hollow Man; too much nudity and violence (which was exactly why I wanted to see it). I couldn’t see Starship Troopers; but in reality they just didn’t want to sit through that kind of movie. Now we have word on the next movie of his that my parents won’t want me watching (well, too bad Mom and Dad! I can see R rated movies whenever I want! Now can I borrow 20 bucks for the tickets?) and it involves sex with ghosts.

It’s called Eternal and in it, a dude has sex with a ghost. The story, written by Passenger 57’s David Loughery, goes something like this: a drunk talks a suicidal girl off a bridge and they (naturally) start to get hot and heavy (but not on the bridge, that would be weird). After he gets home, he discovers his wife had a P.I. follow him and he has incriminating photos. But what the photos show isn’t him doing the horizontal boot shuffle with a mentally unstable woman. Rather, the shots are of him drinking. Is he insane? Are you insane? Of course not, as it turns out the woman is a ghost that wants his soul. Judging from his slate of past movies it should be incredibly violent and sexy, so, sweet?

Question though: is having sex with a ghost considered necrophilia? You can basically argue that a dead body is basically a dead person without a soul and a ghost is basically a dead person without a body, so would it still be necrophilia? I would try to Google this but I’m afraid of what would come up. And no, I’m not going to “bing” it. Don’t be silly. This is a serious question.

Source: Deadline