Pele Biopic Sprints Forward with ’30 on 30′ Team

Credit: Sporting Pictures UK/Rex

If you’re an American, there is a small roulette of connotations that you hold in regard to soccer: David Beckham, Mia Hamm, The Big Green, orange slices after pre-junior high summer league games, and — most of all — Pelé.

Born Edison Arantes do Nascimento, there is no individual with a firmer establishment as an association football demigod than the Brazilian athlete. For his triumphant career on the field, Pelé has won the admiration of many, including producer Brian Grazer, who have opted to set a biographical film into motion. Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment is working with writer/directors Michael and Jeff Zimbalist (the filmmakers behind the ESPN 30 on 30 film The Two Escobars) to pay tribute to the 72-year-old soccer legend in a developing movie.

Scheduled to kick off production in August, the film will chronicle Pelé’s ascension through the athletic world, with the footballer on tap to appear at this year’s Cannes Film Festival to promote the project. No stranger to Hollywood, Pelé has been featured in many documentaries, but has also acted in a handful of feature films. The athlete-turned-performer played soccer stars in 1980s dramas like Victory and Hotshot. So maybe a cameo in the Imagine biopic?

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