‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ Trailer: Emma Watson Ditches ‘Harry Potter’ for High School

Everyone is still talking about Johnny Depp playing guitar with the Black Keys at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards — and understandably so; it was actually a cool moment for the network from which we’ve come to expect the opposite — so it’s easy to forget that there was some excitement before the show: the unveiling of the Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer.

Emma Watson — who co-stars in the film, her second (after last year’s My Week with Marilyn) since the end of the Harry Potter franchise, introduced the trailer on the Movie Awards red carpet during the pre-show.

The film follows a high school freshman (Logan Lerman) as he navigates the tough terrain that is adolescence with a pair of new friends (Watson and Ezra Miller).

Wallflower was adapted and directed by Stephen Chbosky, who wrote the bestselling novel on which it is based — a novel that, quite synergistically (in terms of Sunday night’s trailer release), was published by MTV Books. The movie will hit theaters Sept. 14. Check out the trailer below.


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