Pete Segal To Direct Old Timer Boxing Flick ‘Grudge Match’

ALT TEXTPeter Segal better make sure he has some oxygen tanks handy on the set of this next project.

According to Deadline, the director has signed on to helm Grudge Match, the upcoming old-guy comedy written by Tim Kelleher. The film tells the story of two former boxers who are bitter rivals. They’re convinced to have one last fight — 50 years after they last fought for the title.

So basically, it’s Grumpy Old Men — with boxing!

Currently, there is no one cast, but rumors are swirling around town that say we could see Sylvester Stallone duke it out with Robert De Niro in the ring. That could be pretty cool, considering the two have never been in a film together. Who would you take in a fight? Personally — despite Sly still being buff as hell — I’d take the wisdom of De Niro over the brawn of Sly. Plus, it’d be fun to see De Niro channel some of that craziness from the good ole’ days of Travis Bickle or — hellooooo — Raging Bull. But then again, Rocky Balboa was a pretty good boxer as well.

Seriously though, I’m not sure about this film. Two old dudes fighting? Um, okay? I’m not sure anyone really wants to see that. I mean, most people see that every year around the holidays when crazy Uncle Eddy gets drunk and punches the perennially inebriated Uncle Denny, who’s also crazy.

Source: Deadline