Phillip Noyce To Direct Submarine Thriller ‘Hunter Killer’

Hollywood.comBecause there hasn’t been a movie in several years in which an untested submarine captain must foil the dastardly scheming of terrorists intent on sparking World War III, Relativity Media is bravely forging ahead with the action-thriller Hunter Killer, attaching Clear and Present Danger and Salt helmer Phillip Noyce to direct.

Relativity promises that the US Navy SEALs will also be involved, as will the president of Russia, whose kidnapping is a salient plot point. This would of course never happen to current Russian President Vladimir Putin, noted topless horse rider and crossbow-armed whale hunter. What’s that you say? Dmitry Medvedev succeeded Putin as President in 2008? Ha ha! How naive of you.

The highly original script was written by Jamie Moss, who co-wrote X-Men: First Class, alongside John Kolvenbach and Arne Schmidt. Noyce is hoping to begin production as early as the end of this year.

Source: The Wrap