Pierce Brosnan Set To Star In ‘All You Need Is Love’

Pierce BrosnanMy favorite part of this source article is the fact that they seem to live in a world where Pierce Brosnan is some sort of romantic leading man and not JAMES MOTHERFUCKING BOND. They act like it’s some sort of tragedy that Brosnan hasn’t been in a rom-com since Mamma Mia and everyone has been going “What’s up with Pierce Brosnan not doing a rom-com?” Needless to say, no one has been asking that.

But we got an answer. Brosnan has signed on to star in the recently Oscar-ed (is that the verb form of winning an Oscar? Oh who cares, I make the rules) Susanne Bier’s All You Need Is Love. Bier won Best Foriegn Language Film for her Danish film In a Better World. The new film follows a Danish family despite the fact that Brosnan doesn’t speak a lick of Danish (but really, who does? Besides the Danish of course). The film will be a slight departure for Bier as the film is a comedy and Bier normally focuses on the more dramatic aspects of life. While the language might pose a problem, the comedy sure won’t as Brosnan, of course, mastered comedy with his appearance in Mrs. Doubtfire. Actually, I think we should all take a moment to remember that James Bond was in a Robin Williams cross-dressing comedy. Let us remember what we let happen so it never happens again. That is all.

Source: LA Times