Pierre Morel May Direct ‘Earth Defense Force’

Pierre Morel May Direct ‘Earth Defense Force’

ALT TEXTOkay, come on, Hollywood. How many times can we make a movie about aliens attacking Earth? Seriously.

But, of course, here’s another one. Pierre Morel — the director of Taken and From Paris with Love — is close to signing on to direct EDF — aka Earth Defense Force. Yep, for real. The name of the movie is EDF. And, the plot is about as original as the title. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story takes place after three alien fighters attack the planet and leave all the countries of the world humiliated (you know, because if extra-terrestrials ever destroy the Earth, we’ll have the same feeling as getting de-pants in gym class). Anyway, the governments of the world try to create a space fighting force to defend from the next attack, and probably will defeat the aliens in an epic battle.

So since this movie has no shot at being original in any way possible, we can only hope that it will take its absurd plot, and run with it. And if that’s the case, there’s no better fit for director than Morel. He does a great job at taking absurdity, and making it enjoyable. Remember Taken? Yeah, that movie didn’t seem like it’d be very good, and yeah, it wasn’t excellent by any means, but in its defense, it was at least fun! I mean, come on. Liam Neeson just ran around and killed everyone he could. And that’s what action movies like that should be about. Rather than try to get us to care about the characters and the story, let’s just see some sweet action and have some fun. Woo!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter