‘Pineapple Express’ Director David Gordon Green Takes Time-Travel Romance ‘Q’

QIf you think the title is an eyebrow-raiser, wait until you hear the plot of Q. It’s almost impossible to battle back your “Um…”s when considering the story by novelist Evan Mandery. But give it a few moments, and you’ll realize just how promising this project is.

Q, a film to be adapted by writer/director David Gordon Green from Mandery’s time-travel/romance novel, a young man who is visited by a future incarnation of himself some time before his wedding to the titular Q (not sure why her name is Q, nor why this perplexes me more than the man-visiting-himself-from-the-future aspect of the plot). The man’s future self warns him not to marry his beloved Q: a command with which the man complies.

The man’s subsequent Q-less life is plagued with a scarsity of fulfillment, and a surplus of future selves. One by one, future versions of himself come back to the man, warning him which paths to take: they insist he do things like apply to law school, take up instruments, become a runner, and quit each of these practices. Where will his travails with his countless future selves take him? How and why has all of this come to be? Will the man ever reunite with his beloved fiancee? That is the big Q…uestion.

David Gordon Green has directed a wide variety of films, including the intimate dramas George WashingtonAll the Real Girls, UndertowSnow Angels, as well as broad comedies like Pineapple Express, Your Highness and next month’s The Sitter.

Source: Comingsoon