Pineapple Express Sneak Peek: On the set with Seth Rogen, James Franco and David Gordon Green

Driving onto the set of Pineapple Express, was a little like seeing Wisteria Lane for the first time. A neighborhood made up of empty shells, lining a dead end street. Yet there was one house with a little life in it; lights on and people mulling about. The crew had transformed one of the residences into the Anderson household and that’s where they were shooting their final few scenes.


Walking in, the other journalists and I were invited to hover around director David Gordon Green and his monitors to watch Seth RogenJames Franco and Amber Heard being filmed in the kitchen, just around the corner. It turns out the two main characters, Dale and Saul, were on the run from some dangerous drug dealers. When they decided to stop by Dale’s girlfriend Angie Anderson’s house, they got more than they bargained for.

While Dale tries to explain the situation to her parents, Saul rushes into the room. Dale yells, “He’s my drug dealer!” But it’s too late, and Angie flies into action, stabbing Saul in the back with a dinner fork.

After watching playbacks for awhile, it was time to make the rounds to get the low down on this weed action movie. First we stopped by Rogen’s trailer, then Green’s, and finally met up with Franco in the Anderson’s front yard for a 2 a.m. chit chat.

Seth Rogen Lights Up on the Set of ‘Pineapple Express’

“I love Half Baked and I loved Dazed and Confused. But, you know, it’s interesting with weed movies; I mean like, a lot of them function well as weed movies and that’s it…That’s kind of where we had to be cautious here, I mean obviously this movie is made for people who love weed [laughs] but not everyone does. (Read Story)

David Gordon Green Hopes for Stoner Hit

“I don’t think any of it is exclusive because I’m not a big pothead and I can’t stop laughing at these guys, so trying to make something that is not so genre specific that would only appeal to Cheech and Chong fans. I did my homework and watched a lot of the stoner movies of the last decade and I don’t think any of them are particularly funny. I even tried getting high for a couple of them and it still didn’t [help]…” (Read Story)

James Franco Goes from Green Goblin to Dope Dealer in ‘Pineapple Express’

“It’s definitely about two people coming together. A relationship between a dealer and his client. I don’t know from experience. The last time I bought pot was in high school, but I’ve been told that a lot of times dealers can be weird or it’s kind of a weird relationship.” (Read Story)