Piper Perabo Goes Deaf for Billy Bob Thornton’s ‘Red Machine’

7749158.jpgDeadline.com reports that Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) has joined the cast of Red Machine, a David Hackl-helmed thriller about two couples who incur the wrath of a grizzly bear while camping in the Alaskan wilderness. (Said Alaskan wilderness and furry menaces being apparently all the rage the these days after the success of The Grey.) The project has already attracted the formidable duo of Billy Bob Thornton and Thomas Jane, plus James Marsden. According to Deadline, Perabo will play “a deaf photographer who is engaged to Beckett (Jane), whom she met during the Iraq War.” One can only assume her character’s hearing impairment will form the basis for several pivotal plot points.

Source: Deadline

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