Pitt and Fassbender to Reteam for ‘The Counselor’—Brewing Bromance?

Michael Fassbender

While the majority of the public’s Ridley Scott attention is directed toward Prometheus, he has another Michael Fassbender vehicle on the way that is sneaking into “most exciting movie in development” territory: The Counselor. It was announced earlier this week that Fassbender will be playing a starring role in Scott’s The Counselor, written by novelist Cormac McCarthy, whose works inspired films like No Country for Old Men, The Road and All the Pretty Horses. The appeal of the director and writer attached to this project is infinite, but it’s hard not to focus enthusiasm on the starring cast. Not only have you got Fassbender, rumors are circulating Brad Pitt to join as a villain.
This will mark the second developing picture to star Pitt opposite Fassbender. The other is Twelve Years a Slave, also starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, and directed and co-written by Steve McQueen (filmmaker behind Fassbender-starrers Hunger and the-fact-that-this-movie-didn’t-get-an-Oscar-nod-is-a-crying Shame). This film illustrates the slave trade in America’s Deep South during the mid 1800s.
Brad PittAnd neither of these films would even be the first film to star both actors. Although they didn’t share any scenes together, Inglourious Basterds featured Pitt and Fassbender in large, heroic, equally scene-stealing roles. Fassbender did have the edge of Pitt in the art of accent-faking, though…
Are the two men looking to brew up a lasting partnership here? America could use a present day Paul Newman/Robert Redford. Picture Pitt and Fassbender duping a bunch of conmen in a high-stakes card game. Picture them robbing train cars and fleeing the wrath of the law. Picture them eating lasagna and talking about the weather—it doesn’t matter; it’d still be awesome.
Pitt’s position in The Counselor is far from solidified. Others in consideration for the villainous role include Javier Bardem (a McCarthy vet from No Country for Old Men) and Jeremy Renner. Even if The Counselor doesn’t pan out for the dream duo that is Pittbender (Fasspitter?… Bittfaspen?… Mad?), we’ll still have Twelve Years a Slave. And hopefully, plenty more in the future. This is a team with a ton of potential.
Source: Deadline