Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Unleashes More Adventure in New French Featurette

Brave.651x113.jpgBraveOver on its French YouTube channel, Disney has posted some exciting new footage from its next Pixar entry/collaboration, Brave.

The CGI film piqued our interest — as pretty much every Pixar film tends to do — when the first teaser trailer dropped all the way back in June of last year, but the latest clip offers more, albeit with a robotic, slightly creepy voice-over where Kelly MacDonald‘s is supposed to be.

Part of the video (below) will look familiar — and for good reason, as we’ve seen it in the archery-heavy trailer from February — but there are more bits and pieces from the film’s actual story, like the protagonist Princess Merida lamenting the restrictive ways of “castle life.”

It’s all part of the “Brave Stories” campaign, a likely ongoing series of clips that’ll be unveiled sporadically in the run-up to the movie’s release on June 22. Check it out, below!


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