Plans For A ‘Green Hornet’ Sequel?

ALTDirector Michael Gondry and star Seth Rogen have remained evasive on their plans for a sequel to their upcoming action flick The Green Hornet, but screenwriter Evan Goldberg proved to be marginally less vague. In an interview with The Playlist, the Superbad writer confirmed that he had “planned out” the plot for a potential sequel, since studios generally “don’t make a movie like this without considering the sequel.”

Since the Green Hornet hasn’t been released (and its early buzz is muted to non-existent), hypothesizing about the sequel is like coming up with plans for a great casual dining restaurant on Venus. So if you were worried that Goldberg and Gondry had lost the ability to come up with ideas, consider your fears assuaged. But other than that, there’s not a whole lot of news here, other than the extremely non-revelatory revelation that if Hornet does well, there could be a sequel in the works. Still, it’s a slim ray of hope for Gondry’s oft-troubled production, which was knocked from a potential summer tentpole to a risky January release, and was saddled with a much-maligned post production 3D conversion. It can’t hurt for The Green Hornet’s crew to stay optimistic.

Source: The Playlist