Position Among the Stars | 2011

Foreign, Documentary
In this portrait of the Christian-Islamic Sjamsuddin family, contemporary Indonesia is seen through the everyday life of various family members, including a resolute grandmother, her son, and her rebellious teenage ...more
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Neon Media Rotterdam

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A portrait of the Christian-Islamic Sjamsuddin family in Indonesia, featuring the various family members, including resolute grandmother Rumidjah, her son Bakti and her granddaughter Tari. The everyday ups and downs of the Sjamsuddin family provide a portrait of modern Indonesia, with all its contrasts between urban and rural, wealth and poverty, and religion and globalization. In this land where religious leaders preach the adoption of Sharia, Rumidjah and Bakti hope that Tari will be the first in the family to study, while Tari herself displays all the familiar characteristics of a rebellious teenager: her primary interests are shopping and boys.