‘Premium Rush’ Bingo: Spot the Hipster-isms

I’ve railed against the word “hipster” for a while now. For the most part, it has lost most of its meaning, but after seeing Premium Rush, I know there are places this word still exists. And one of those places is in the world of bike messengers in New York City (at least according to the film’s version of bike messengers in New York City). Because I’m not a total killjoy, I agreed to get in on the fun and make a little game out of it. Accurate or not, the film includes more than a few nods to the not-so-counter-culture set, leaving us with only one choice: Bingo, Hipster Edition. 

Take this board to the theater with you when you head out to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt dodge taxis in Midtown, and I’d bet an ironic ’80s T-shirt you’ll get a Bingo.

Hipster Bingo Premium Rush

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