‘Premium Rush’ Stuntman on the Death-Defying Lifestyle of Bike Messengers


ALTThe dangers of being a bike messenger may not be as evident to anyone living outside of New York City, but make no mistake: they’re real and they’re terrifying. Tightly packed lanes of traffic, crazy cab drivers swerving every which way, a looming countdown that could cost the rider a night’s worth of Top Ramen — a bike messenger’s day isn’t a casual ride in the sunshine, it’s Frogger without the rigid composition.

For the new movie Premium Rush, a frenetic chase movie set in the world of bike messengering, filmmakers had to find a person who could teach their lead Joseph Gordon-Levitt a few moves while stepping in for some of the riskier scenes shot on the actual streets of New York. The man they found was Austin Horse, a real life bike messenger who worked his two-wheel magic on screen. In this exclusive featurette for the movie, Horse explains what goes into being a safe, speedy player in the world of bike messengering, and how he lent his skills to the movie to accurately portray that danger.

Premium Rush hits theaters August 24th.

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[Photo Credit: Sony Pictures/Premium Rush Tumblr]


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