‘Pride And Prejudice And Zombies’ And Mike White Directing

Mike WhiteHey, remember when the adaption of the popular Victorian-Zombie mashup was slated to be written and directed by one of the loudest and most difficult directors working and how literally no one was surprised when he dropped out of the project? That was a good time. Now we get word that another director has been attached and this one isn’t as surprising.

Mike White is a pretty decent screenwriter and has dabbled in directing but this will be his first big time production. His writing credits include School of Rock and Orange County, which, your opinions aside, weren’t that bad. Fairly clever and fun, they were original and fresh. White also acts, appearing in bit parts in his films and others. He got eaten by a zombie while taking a deuce in Zombieland and even appeared in one season of The Amazing Race.

So this decision makes way more sense than David O. Russell directing. White has a great sense of humor (which you can’t really say Russell has) and will probably work on the script which Russell also contributed to. He seems like a fun guy which will hopefully translate on screen. I agree with this decision. Feel free to continue, you have my blessing. Oh snap, I just got all Solomon up in here!

Source: ComingSoon