‘Princess And The Frog’ Writer Books Two New Movies

rob edwardsI never got around to seeing The Princess and the Frog, not because I’m some CGI-snob that won’t watch a traditionally animated 2D film but simply because I am firmly against the idea of royalty mating with amphibians.

Regardless, the movie made a buttload of money, so everyone involved gets to work again! The writer Rob Edwards has just landed two gigs: Amulet and Animated American. Amulet, based on a series of graphic novels, originally had Willow Smith and her brother Jaden attached to star, though their involvement is now in question. The story would follow a brother and sister who get transported to a world of monsters and demons, where the fate of the world hinges on whoever controls the mystical Amulet (Basically, it’s the story of any video game ever). Animated American, which will be produced by Robert Zemeckis, sounds a lot like the director’s own film Roger Rabbit sans the noir-procedural narrative. Instead it’ll be a family comedy centering on a cartoon character that was adopted by a live action family and seeks out his birth parents on his 18th birthday. Sounds trippy but cool, but also nothing like Roger Rabbit.

There’s no word on when we can expect to see these in theaters or if we ever will at all. It generally takes a scribe some time to get the words flowing, so it’s actually a good thing that Edwards doesn’t have a deadline. He’s still getting paid and ultimately that’s all that matters.

Source: Variety