‘Project X’ Sequel Planned; Feminists Rejoice

17847194.jpgThe “found-footage” teen comedy Project X may have earned abysmal reviews as well as charges of sexism and homophobia, but that didn’t stop American moviegoers from making it last weekend’s second-highest-grossing film. The film’s $21 million tally, well behind The Lorax’s $70+ million haul but still more than respectable considering its modest budget, was apparently enough to convince its studio, Warner Bros., that a follow-up might be in order.

THR reports that screenwriter Michael Bacall*, who together with Matt Drake fashioned Project X’s “script,” has been commissioned by the studio to draft a treatment for a sequel. The ultimate decision on whether to move forward on the project, however, lies with Project X producers Todd Phillips and Joel Silver. Given the high bar set by Project X, Bacall will no doubt have to turn in quite a dazzler to warrant a green light from the likes of Phillips and Silver, neither of whom would dare risk their reputations on a cravenly half-assed sequel.

*Bacall also wrote the upcoming Sony comedy 21 Jump Street, a film which, unlike Project X, is absolutely hilarious. He remains one of life’s enduring mysteries.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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