‘Project X’ Trailer: The Ultimate Party Movie?

ALTMy biggest problem with the Hangover movies was that you never actually saw the crazy party they were having. Only hints of the wild night via the photo montages that cap the film. That’s no fun—how am I supposed to live vicariously through the movies if they don’t show me the insane debauchery?!

If you feel the same way, there is hope: Project X, a new movie from producer Todd Phillips and music video director Nima Nourizadeh. The film, starring a handful of unknown teenagers, focuses on one ridiculous night of partying that, as evidenced from the first trailer, blows up into something unexpectedly extreme. Sex, drinking, dogs in moon bounces, cars driving into pools—the mega-bash appears to have it all.

The movie is presented in a found footage style similar to Paranormal Activity, and when Vice asked Nourizadeh about the approach, he explained why it made sense:

It’s a kid filming it, and other kids with their flips and their phones. We sourced every bit of footage and cut it together. We handed out cameras to our extras, made sure lots of angles were being shot. I think it’s a sign of technology and our times. Kids film themselves. We’ve all seen shitty, pixellated footage of something interesting happening on YouTube. Kids today, that’s all they watch, really.

Hang on to your red Solo cup and watch the first trailer from Project X below:

Source: Vice