‘Prometheus’: 13 Questions We Want Answers To — SPOILER-HEAVY


ALTWarning: If you’ve seen Prometheus, read on. If not, don’t read any further (unless you’re looking for spoilers). 

For its entire run, I was a loyal Lost fan. I hung on to the hope that, one day, the mysteries would be solved and the intricate six-season maze would have a logical end. It didn’t.
So, watching Prometheus (co-written by Lostscribe Damon Lindelof), I shouldn’t have been entirely surprised to leave the theater with more questions than answers.  

And I’m not alone. The is-it-or-isn’t-it Alien prequel has opened to mixed reviews among fans (just for the record, we loved it here at Hollywood.com and here’s why). Part of the super-fan dissatisfaction? All of those pesky loose ends.

Director Ridley Scott has already said he’d love to do sequels, so we can only assume that some of those loose ends will be tied up in future installments. 

But in the meantime, some questions that are still gnawing at me a day after watching: 
1. What was that nasty DNA tea that the opening scene Engineer drank? 
2. Was he following orders and sacrificing himself to create life on another planet or had he gone rogue? 
3. Did Weyland hire the most idiotic biologist and geologist on purpose? (Seriously, petting the slimy alien snake-thing? Amateur.)
4. Is Vickers really a robot? (Sure, she’s Weyland’s “daughter.” But David is his “son.”)
5. Did David revenge-kill Tom Hardy’s twin? (Or was he simply driven by child-like curiosity?)
6. Why did the black goo turn tattooed Ginger Beard into a Dawn of the Dead-Zac-Snyder zombie? 
7. Why was the surgery pod configured only for men? Was it meant for Weyland all along? And if it was so expensive, couldn’t the creators configure it for men and women?
8. Why didn’t Shaw tell anyone she just pulled an alien fetus out of herself (arcade-game style)?   
9. What did David say to the Engineer? 
10. Was he trying to kill his creator (Weyland)?  
11. Is Vickers really dead? (See #4)
12. What exactly is the black goo? (A weapon of mass destruction? An evolutionary accelerator?)
13. And of course, the biggie: Why did the Engineers create humans and now want to destroy them? (Did they begin to feel threatened by their creations? Were they “fixing” the actions of a rogue Engineer? Were they really pissed that humans created nukes — and Jersey Shore?)

Share your questions and theories in the comments section and we’ll run our favorites in a future story.

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