‘Prometheus’: New Trailer Brings Up More Mysteries — VIDEO


PrometheusWith every new piece of material released for Prometheus, the world gets to see a completely new layer to Ridley Scott‘s newest sci-fi venture. The first trailer, released back in December, was marked by a thick gravy of tension. Few words were spoken (and those were mostly screams of terror) and the only clear images were those depicting disaster. It was, to say the least, difficult to tell what viewers would really be in store for. All anybody knew was that the movie had tremendous promise and some serious expectations.

Since then, the Prometheus campaign has diverted from traditional trailers, opting instead for creations that introduced fans to the world in which the movie was set. Guy Pearce starred in a mock-TED Talks video, painting a picture of a future society marked by a frightening degree of human ambition and hubris, while Michael Fassbender appeared in a fake advertisement as robot character David. The chilling horror of synthetic humans available for sale contributed to the frightening world Prometheus made the anticipation for the film that much more thrilling.

The latest trailer doesn’t disappoint, either: Charlize Theron is introduced as a didactic commanding officer of a fleet who explore a cavernous world in search for the answers to ancient mysteries. Among the team are Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green, who come into contact with an alien species that imparts havoc unto the crew. While many questions remain, the trailer allows viewers to deduce three huge mysteries. One: The inflicted person isn’t the only one in danger when one of these aliens enters his or her body; Two: Theron and her higher ranking associates might not be as humanistic as they appear; And three: That giant head that keeps popping up everywhere sure seems important, doesn’t it?

Watch the latest trailer below and share in the comments section below what you spotted:


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