‘Prometheus’ Sequel: How Ridley Scott Can Fix It



Spoilers ahead: 
Don’t get me wrong: I really liked Prometheus. A lot. But I don’t think I’ve heard one person say that it surpassed its predecessor, Alien
In fact, the consensus seems to be that Ridley Scott‘s latest sci fi blockbuster is thought-provoking but maybe a few ticks too mysterious (read our review).

 Of course, the question remains now: Will there be a sequel? This weekend’s box office numbers will no doubt help dictate that. The R-rated film opened at No. 2 last weekend with a respectable $50 million behind family flick Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (read the review).

And, as co-writer Damon Lindelof has explained, part deux is not a done deal by any means.

“The conversations that we had about the story of Prometheus and how it would end were always predicated on the idea that there would not be a sequel, that a sequel was not a foregone conclusion, and that the movie itself had to have a feeling of being complete,” the former Lost writer told MTV News. “That being said, we also wanted the audience to feel that, like, if there were a sequel to Prometheus, it wouldn’t be Alien.”

But the end of the film certainly leaves the plot open for another installment or two. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) rides off into space with the android David (Michael Fassbender) and his disconnected body to find out why the Engineers would create mankind and now want to destroy it.

And if Prometheus 2 moves forward, it could be the perfect opportunity for the filmmakers to fill in some of the holes that have been gnawing at fans.

If I wrote the sequel (call me, Ridley!), I’d love to see:

Shaw & David find the Engineers’ planet, and discover that the whole thing was a big science experiment — that the big marble Right Said Fred guys were trying to turn humans into genetic weapons of mass destruction. But their experiment went horribly wrong and created a beast (the Queen and her minions) that ultimately destroyed them all, Terminator-style.  

Shaw would live happily ever after with a family of squiddy alien babies; and David becomes a real boy. 
Cue applause. 
If you wrote the Prometheus sequel, what would you want to see? Give us a three-sentence plot treatment in the comments section below!