‘Prometheus’: What Michael Fassbender REALLY Said in Funny Alternate Ending


Prometheus Ending

By now, everyone has had time to digest the giant riddle that was Ridley Scott‘s fascinating but cryptic Prometheus
Sure, the movie left us with more questions than answers. But that’s what animators on the Internet are here for!
The funny folks over at How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) released this new Prometheus spoof, showing how the futuristic flick should have all gone down — from Michael Fassbender as David telling the Engineer that his mother thinks Alien vs. Predator is an awesome movie to Charlize Theron‘s character pointing out some of the movie’s, ahem, sillier flaws. 
There’s even a Disney cross-over in a reenactment of that now-infamous C-section scene with Noomi Rapace. Well, you’ve just got to see it.