Quartet Joins Indie Comedy ‘Bacholorette’ For Producer Will Ferrell

Kirsten DunstWill Ferrell has been consciously moving away from the $100 million studio comedies he’s become known for over the past five years or so. First came the indie comedy Everything Must Go (which just premiered at the TriBeca Film Festival) followed by the Spanish-language Casa de mi Padre. Now he’s ready to continue this low-budget streak with the tentatively-titled Bacholorette, and though he will not likely appear in the film, he’s in good company.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Leslye Headland, who wrote and will direct the film, has assembled a wonderful cast including Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott and Casey Wilson for the production. What will these talented individuals be doing in the picture? Well, the story follows three best friends (two of whom would be played by Caplan and Dunst) who are invited to act as bridesmaids at the wedding of a girl they called “Pigface” in high school. Caplan’s character is described as having a Playboy Bunny body with neurotic, specific sense of humor a la Larry David, while Dunst’s appearance is described as crisp and severe. Further, she is referred to as your best friend and worst enemy. The producers are still in the process of casting the third best friend, but we know that Wilson (who is a regular on ABC’s Happy Endings) is playing Pigface while Scott will play a guy who had a major high-school crush on Caplan’s character, but shows up to the wedding with a beautiful and younger date.

Adam McKay, Ferrell’s longtime writing partner and collaborator, will co-produce with him for their Gary Sanchez Productions. The $3 million project aims to shoot in New York this summer if the financing is sealed. The premise has promise, as wedding themed films can always attract an audience (this summer’s Bridesmaids is shaping up to be a hit) and Headland was a lead writer on the canceled-too-soon FX show Terriers, so she’s obviously capable of high-quality writing. All in all it sounds like a great acquisition for an indie distributor like Fox Searchlight or Focus Features, who could easily pick it up and carry the film to profitability. Consider me interested.

Source: THR