Rachel McAdams Locks Lips with Noomi Rapace in Trailer for Erotic Thriller ‘Passion’

Sex. Power. Murder. The first trailer for Brian De Palma’s Passion is dripping with all three. From bloody knives to girl-on-girl makeouts, the two-minute preview promises a provacative film about the rivalry between an advertising mogul and her protegée.

Rachel McAdams stars as Christine, a manipulative advertising executive in Berlin. Noomi Rapace (aka Lisbeth Salander in the original Swedish Millenium films) plays her ambitious and talented assistant Isabelle. When Christine takes credit for Isabelle’s successful idea for a marketing campaign, the seemingly timid protegée seeks revenge, having an affair with her boss’ lover. When Christine discovers Isabelle’s actions, an all-out war ensues between the women and ultimately ends in public humiliation and murder.

Credit: SBS Productions

Passion is loosely based on the French movie Love Crime, which starred Kristin Scott-Thomas. In the new trailer for the highly stylized remake, we see the progression of Christine and Isabelle’s relationship as it moves from the corporate world to their personal lives. Masks feature prominently and there’s a general sense of ambiguity as to just how innocent Isaballe truly is. It’s also worth pointing out the two female leads lock lips in the trailer. Twice.

Passion opents in select theaters on August 30.

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