Rachel Weisz Has Sex All The Way Around In ‘360’

Rachel WeiszRachel Weisz will have sex in her next movie. Again, Rachel Weisz will have a sex scene and possibly multiple sex scenes in 360. Oh, hello Google pervs. Nice to meet you. Please wash your hands.

Of course, we won’t get to see said sex scenes (bye Google pervs!), but the film shows great promise. Directing is Fernando Meirelles who previously guided Weisz to her Oscar win in The Constant Gardner, a riveting international drama. The story “revolves” around a constantly rotating (you like my choice of vocabulary, don’t cha?) cast of characters after they have just done the whoopie (but since it’s supposed to be dark and psycho sexual, they will probably not call it whoopie). From the AB post-coital conversation, we go to the BC post-romp convo, to the CD, to the DE, till we finally come full circle back to A. Thus the 360 title. Clever isn’t it?

Which is why it was originally written in 1900 by Arthur Schnitzler titled La Ronde. But I’m sure you remembered that from your Early 20th Century German Dramatics class.

This time around, it’s being penned by Peter Morgan. Morgan is responsible for many critically lauded films like The Queen, The Last King of Scotland, and Frost/Nixon. And we all remember the sexual tension and hot passion from The Queen (hubba hubba QE2!). Hopefully, 360 will also feature Michael Sheen. We’re long past due for a Michael Sheen sex scene. Oh, hello Google pervs again!

Source: Deadline