‘Rango’ Comes to Blu-ray and DVD in July

Rango Blu-ray DvdGore Verbinski’s animated desert adventure, Rango, hits Blu-ray/DVD combo pack on July 15 and while I stand by my assertion that it’s a little mature for the young-uns, it’s still a fun cartoon western complete with every desert creature you never realized existed and wild west conspiracy. Oh and it’s got Johnny Depp and a few Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas references, so that doesn’t hurt either.

When the Blu-ray hits shelves, here’s what you expect to see in the special features department (keep in mind the DVD-only version will only include the usual commentary, theatrical and extended versions, deleted scenes and the Creatures of Dirt featurette) :

Theatrical and Extended VersionCommentary—By director, story co-writer and producer Gore Verbinski, head of story James Ward Byrkit, production designer Mark “Crash” McCreery, animation director Hal Hickel and visual effects supervisor Tim Alexander (on Extended Version only)Breaking The Rules: Making Animation History— Discover how Gore Verbinski and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) prepared for their first animated movie by following every step the filmmakers made to create this new kind of animated film.The Stage Is Set (Part 1)Now We Ride (Part 2)Real Creatures of Dirt—In this fun and educational piece, animal experts talk about the real creatures that inspired the characters of Rangoand the filmmakers explain why they chose specific animals to reflect certain personality traits.Storyboard Reel Picture-In-Picture—Enhance your movie-viewing experience by watching the entire feature with picture-in-picture images of the storyboards (Theatrical Version only).A Field Trip to Dirt—Using the technology and footage from ILM’s special camera, viewers are put in control of their own tour of Dirt. They can select the streets they want to explore and the characters they’d like to interact with, discovering trivia and other bonus footage along the way.Deleted Scenes—Including a never-before-seen alternate endingTheatrical Trailer

Source: Paramount