Watch Us Rank the ‘Star Trek’ Movies in Our New Google Hangout

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Last week,’s Get Thee to the Geek Google+ Hangout dived deep into Iron Man 3. This week, the movie everyone’s more excited about than a Vulcan in Pon Farr is J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness. So on Wednesday night’s Get Thee to the Geek Google+ Hangout at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT, we’ll be ranking the 11 Star Trek movies that have been released to date. Have a soft spot for Star Trek: The Motion Picture? Willing to defend Insurrection? Have an against-the-grain distaste for The Undiscovered Country? Well, this is the place to join in!

The “Ranking the Star Trek Movies” Hangout, hosted by me, Christian Blauvelt (@Ctblauvelt), will also mark the debut of my co-host for the summer, Eric Geller (@ericgeller), writer, recapper, and editor at TheForce.Net, cohost of Star Wars podcast The ForceCast, and living proof that you can love both Star Wars and Trek.

You can watch the live YouTube stream of our Hangout embedded right here, Wednesday night at 7 PM ET, or you can watch on’s Google+ page. If you have any questions for Eric or myself feel free to ask them on our Google+, Twitter (@Hollywood_com), and Facebook pages using the hashtag #gettheetothegeek. See you then!

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