Ray Liotta Explodes in Exclusive ‘The Entitled’ Clip

Without direct-to-DVD, VOD and indie movies, we’d barely see the greatest, aged stars continue to exercise their acting muscles. Hollywood loves its hot, young talent, but thankfully with off-beat cinema being more prevalent then ever, there’s still a chance to see some of the older, equally-top notch talent in action.

Take the upcoming Blu-ray release The Entitled, where Goodfellas star Ray Liotta gets the chance to work his magic alongside Victor Garber (Titanic, TV’s Alias) and Stephen McHattie (300). In the film, Liotta plays a well-off business-type who finds himself at the wrong end of a kidnapping plot. The result is a game of cat and mouse between Liotta and the captor of his daughter, played by Kevin Zegers (of Gossip Girl).

In this exclusive Red Band Blu-ray clip from the movie, Liotta delivers what he’s best known for: pain, in the form of verbal abuse. Garber and McHattie take it standing up—which may not be the smartest idea.

The Entitled debuts on Blu-ray & DVD September 6th.