Really, Really Ridiculously Romantic Dude Movies

Here we are on Valentine’s Day 2011. If you’re a dude, your lady probably wants you to sit through a schmaltzy romantic movie like Beaches or The Way We Were or something along those lines, but don’t fret. There is hope. There are a handful of movies that will give her the romantic fix she desires and offer you a little more action than a shot of some overly moody, pensive dude running through the perfectly timed rain storm to find his impeccably dressed love and wrap her in his unrealistically muscular arms as he kisses her passionately. Believe it or not, there are action, adventure, mystery and other generally dude-centric films that have quite a bit of hugging and kissing and yearning to keep the ladies happy. Here are the best movies to help you plan an evening of cozy moving watching that can put a smile on both of your faces.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Indy and MarionRaiders of the Lost Ark

If Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood aren’t the perfect couple, I don’t know who is. I’m pretty sure I learned how to like boys via this classic onscreen romance and I’m pretty sure I can trace my love of whiskey back to that drinking game scene, but that’s beside the point. How many other movies give you the chance to see a single dude beating up legions of bad guys with just a whip, chase scenes in old Mercedes jeeps, the bad guys getting their FACES MELTED OFF, and a chance to see the most bad-ass archaeologist ever as he romances (in a fashion that only Indy can) one of the coolest onscreen ladyloves ever? None. There’s one that is a close second, but we’ll get to that. If Raiders of the Lost Ark doesn’t work for both of you, you may want to forgo the movie night altogether.

Star Wars Han and Leia Empire Strikes BackThe Empire Strikes Back

Here’s the close second I was talking about. What guy is not going to want to watch Star Wars on Valentine’s Day? I realize this might take a little work to convince the ladies, but the rule of thumb here is to play up the romance — I mean just look at these two. That’s love. This movie really is the best of both worlds; the introduction of Boba Fett, the epic lightsaber battle between Luke and Vader, tiny Rebel ships taking down giant AT-ATs and the best reveal of all time (spoiler alert if you were born under a rock and never managed to escape out from under it for even a second): Vader is Luke’s father. On top of all of this pure awesomeness, we also witness one of the greatest onscreen love stories ever. You really can’t get more classic than Han and Leia — how could you not love a couple that calls each other names like “nerfherder?”

Top Gun MaverickTop Gun

Yes, this film is a Tony Scott classic wherein Tom Cruise makes flying airplanes look awesome in spite of his presence – depending on how you look at it. While dudes may tell you the true love story here is the partnership between Maverick and Goose, you can’t forget that blue-tinted sex scene set to “Take Your Breath Away” and the taboo of Maverick falling for his instructor (or civilian consultant, but instructor sounds sexier).  Even though the image of Cruise jumping on Oprah’s impossibly yellow couch can’t escape your mind, you know were at least a little moved by the melodrama and the memory is now making you want to listen to that song an embarrassing amount of times. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us.

Rocky and AdrianRocky

Adrian! Need I say more? Really? Okay, I’ll say a little more. Yeah, Rocky was about boxing or something, but wasn’t it really about how Adrian was there to believe in him and be his inspiration for becoming the champion of the world? That’s not exactly the truth, but that’s what you’ll tell your girlfriend when you’re trying to switch it for He’s Just Not That Into You. The idea of the meek and mild Adrian becoming the love of his life (and eventually his wife and the mother of his children if you make it through the other four Rocky movies) is something any girl can get into, and dudes, you’ll get to watch a boxing movie on what is supposed to be one of the most romantic days of the year. That sounds pretty damn perfect if you ask me.

LOTR The two towers aragorn arwenLord of the Rings: The Return of the King

No, this movie isn’t just for nerds who dragged their big sisters to Comic Con two years in a row so they could have a personal photographer for the moment they encountered those dudes dressed in incredibly realistic orc costumes. Yes, the ladies may need a little help following the story about the one ring to rule them all and an explanation here or there about why Frodo is so tiny but his feet are so large and hairy, but who could miss the unforgettable love story of Arwen and Aragorn. Even though Arwen the immortal elf knows that she will outlive her love, Aragorn, and have to suffer through watching him die while she lives the rest of her days alone with little more than a memory of him, she still elects to stay with him instead of leaving Middle-earth with her Elven brethren once she sees a vision of her future son. What woman isn’t going to sigh with more romantic hope than the time she first watched The Princess Bride when she sees that? No woman. That’s who.