15 Reasons All Cop Movies Should Be Comedies

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The guys in Let’s Be Cops might be fake cops, but the comedy is real. Buddy cop movies are nothing new, Bad Boys is almost 20-years-old. We’ve got movies like 22 Jump Street blowing up the box office and there’s a reason for that – people love to laugh. There are enough cop shows on TV (seriously, way too many shows) portraying how tough cops’ lives are. We don’t need serious movies on top of that. Let’s start a petition that demands that every movie about cops, or those pretending to be, must be a comedy. Romantic comedies will also be accepted.

1. Only in a comedy can this argument be used and make sense:

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No cop has ever bought me Taco Bell.

2. Cop comedies help us consider our full potential.

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Wait, is that what they’re trying to tell us in every episode of Law and Order: SVU?

3. Because it’s totally cool to speak to civilians like this.

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4. Guns are allowed to be funny.

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Guns shouldn’t be violent. They shouldn’t be sad. They should just be a punchline in a movie.

5. In a comedy, cops on a roller-coaster = awesome.

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In a drama = frightening.

6. Looking badass is a priority.

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But also pretty ironic, so it’s great.

7. Dancing will always happen.

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Like, A LOT of dancing.

8. Injuries are a lot less threatening and a lot more hysterical:

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9. Chase scenes can basically involve anything, like a giant, motorized football helmet.

22 Jump StreetSony Pictures via Everett Collection

10. “Unintentional” TLC references become a real, and amazing, thing.

Sony Pictures/d-white211.tumblr.com

Sony Pictures/d-white211.tumblr.com

11. You’re allowed to put white people in their place.

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12. Things can get pretty honest.

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13. This is what it looks like when backup shows up:

Sony Pictures/raggedypaperman.tumblr.com

Sony Pictures/raggedypaperman.tumblr.com

14. They take advantage of the power cops have. But, in a fun way.

20th Century Fox/letsbecopsmovie.tumblr.com

15. And most importantly: Ice Cube.

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That angry expression. The even angrier delivery. Every cop movie needs Ice Cube. And all of his lines should be written like this:

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