Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine Plan the Sexy Sequel to ‘Pitch Perfect’


Pitch PerfectWhat do you get when you mix a highly competitive workaholic and a custom bling-loving bachelorette? A hilariously offbeat and sexually charged interview, that’s what!

We sat down with Pitch Perfect scene-stealers Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine to discuss the important things in life like gangster spirits, tricking actors, and how to avoid blame when punching someone in the face.

Plus, DeVine and Wilson exclusively revealed to what the real plotline was supposed to be for Pitch Perfect. “There is a lot of back story that we didn’t get to in the film.” DeVine teases. Something tells us their PG-13 rating would definitely be bumped up to an NC-17 If it was up to these two. No worries, there’s always the option of a sequel…

Check out our full interview below to get details on their “tale of love and lust,” discover what DeVine considers a roller coaster ride of emotions, and the comeback of Rebelicious!

Pitch Perfect hits theaters everywhere this Friday, October 5!

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