Reboot or Re-boo? The Best (and Worst) TV and Film Reboots


This week, after most of us have been inundated with what probably amounts to a significant portion of the entire movie — albeit in out-of-order bits and pieces — The Amazing Spider-Man web-slings its way into theaters. The reviews have been steadily trickling in for a while — and are fairly positive overall (though we didn’t quite see it that way!) — but the real question on everyone’s mind is: Can the Marc Webb reboot revive the franchise?

While The Amazing Spider-Man seems a safe bet to rake in a ton of money and receive enough fanfare to launch an entire new, Andrew Garfield-led Spidey series of blockbusters, Hollywood is certainly not immune to high-profile reboot failures that appeared to be safe bets: For every Christopher Nolan-directed-Batman success, there is a… well, click below for some of the big-screen (and small-screen!) reboots that didn’t quite pan out, as well as some that really, really worked (for us).

The Best (and Worst) TV and Movie Reboots


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