Red Carpet: Michelle Williams on ‘Marilyn,’ Jennifer Garner on ‘Butter’


The red carpet was bustling this weekend thanks to the arrivals of two anticipated films: the Marilyn Monroe biopic My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Willaims, and the 2008 election allegory Butter starring and produced by Jennifer Garner.

Our reporters got a chance to speak with Simon Curtis, director of Marilyn, as well as its stars Williams and Dominic Cooper, who plays Milton Greene, celebrity photographer famed especially for his work with Monroe. Curtis expressed the effect that the set of his film had on its actors and their performances, specifically the use of locations formerly employed by the figures represented in the film (for example, Marilyn Monroe’s actual dressing room).

Williams was understandably thrilled by the opportunity to embody a legend like Monroe, and to be part of such an exciting project. Cooper went on about the talents of the leading lady, and offered a bit of an examination on both Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier, played in the film by Kenneth Branagh.

We also got a bit of an insight into what it’s like to be an actress in and a new producer of a film from Garner, who proclaimed a great investment in her new film Butter (which she has seen over twenty times already).

My Week with Marilyn arrives in theaters November 23, while it was recently announced that Butter will open March 16, 2012.