Reese Witherspoon and Jason Segel Make ‘Sex Tape’

Jason SegelAh, the power of headlines. Sex Tape is a comedy film (about a sex tape, so…keep reading) written by Kate Angelo (writer of The Back-up Plan and a whole bunch of sitcom episodes between the years 2000 and 2007). The premise of the film centers around a bored married couple who, in the interests of spicing things up, decide to make a sex tape. It’s kind of like Date Night, or Mr. & Mrs. Smith, or Revolutionary Road. But with a sex tape. So…keep reading?

The stars being approached to play the married couple in question are Reese Witherspoon and Jason Segel. After the amateur film project is completed, the two misplace it, and then desparately go on a quest to retrieve the incriminating piece of home video.

Witherspoon has been involved in her share of well-received comedies, and Segel is a guru of watchability. So if the film does grab this pair for the starring duo, it’ll be smooth sailing casting-wise. The premise is one that’ll bring in a certain crowd and deter another specific crowd. And then there’s the crowd in between—the, for lack of a better word, normal crowd—who have a pretty fair chance of checking out the movie. Even if it’s just based on wanting to see Jason Segel get exacerbated.

Nick Stoller is being reached to direct. He wrote Fun with Dick and Jane, which would also fit quite snugly in the list of bored married couple movies above. Stoller also wrote the upcoming The Muppets movie, starring Segel.

Source: Deadline