Relive ‘Twilight’ In Time For The 10th Anniversary


Regardless of how you feel about the franchise, it’s impossible to deny how popular it was especially the first film.

The books broke records so of course, a film franchise would release. The first film grossed 192 million dollars, with the entire five-film franchise grossing over a billion dollars. Those numbers are pretty wild for any franchise, but for one based off a book, the numbers are just plain impressive.

Now, 8 years since the release, fans can live the first film again in stunning 4K. The skin will sparkle more than ever with the stunning quality, the sound will be cinema quality, and it even includes a 10 years later look. While not released, I’m sure the next films will be released one by one, year after year, or you can own all of them on Blu-ray.


‘Twilight’ anniversary is November 21, 2008, and the re-release is out on 4k, and with all five films on Blu-ray/Digital Combo, now.