‘Resident Evil’ Overshadows the Competition Monday


Monday Daily Box Office Rally

092043H1.jpgFirst Place – Resident Evil: Afterlife‘ holds the top spot at the Monday box office with $2.0 million and dominating the competitors after weak audience numbers show at theaters nationwide.

Second Place – ‘The American‘ drives in an additional $436k for a total of $28.5 million as fans show support of George Clooney but Americans overall display a lack of movie theater patronage on Monday. 

Third Place – ‘Machete‘ carves out an additional $419k on Monday and a domestic total of $21.3 million.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Monday, September 13, 2010:

Movie Title Monday Gross Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1. Resident Evil: Afterlife $2.05M 3,203 $639 $28.70M
2. The American $436k 2,833 $154 $28.55M
3. Machete $420k 2,278 $157 $21.34M
4. Takers $397k 2,191 $181 $48.08M
5. Going The Distance $308k 3,030

$102 $14.26M
6. Eat Pray Love $280k 2,339

$120 $74.94M
7. The Expendables $267k 3,058 $87 $98.73M
8. The Other Guys $215k 2,246

$96 $112.66M
9. Inception $211k 1,583

$133 $282.42M
10. The Last Exorcism $204k 2,731

$75 $38.27M
11. The Switch $135k 1,595 $85 $25.14M
12. Nanny McPhee Returns $83k 2,364 $35 $26.36M

*Monday daily box office numbers provided by Hollywood.com Box Office.

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